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Linkedin Need a Voiceover? Looking for a Voice Actor? Perhaps you're looking for psychic divination using Tarot deck cards? Or rather comedy is your interest, needing a gag video to prank your friends? Great place to connect with me to collaborate on projects or contract me for a gig

An Alum of Appalachian State University? Connect with me via the alumni association.

And what would the digital universe be without Twits & Tweets? Get your twitter account chirping with tweets from @SunPixies

And would we do without Google Plus? There's plenty of Sun Pixies from Dixie sprouting up with 4 profiles to confuse us!

An occassional writer on HubPages, it's a fun place to hang out when I have free creative writing time.

And when I really want to wallow in "writer's block" I sign up for a stint at NaNoWriters for some November anghst

While I don't have any current gigs available via, it's a favorte place of mine to shop for outservice tasks & gigs

Another chill place to vibe on the cyber-verse is SkyRock. Exchange hearts & stars and meet people from all over the world.

A favorite connection is a postcard exchange site, Postcrossing. Members use codes to safely exchange postcards from all over the world. I've collected postcards from over 26 countries so far!

If you enjoy visual exchanges, you'll enjoy my Pinterest account. Inspirational Digital Art is posted here as well as other awesome art I see around the web

Imgur is another account to which I post to fairly regularly. Although, I'm not on this one as much.

Other great writing sites where I can display my verbage via writer's block is wattpad & HubPages. Previously, I had written extensively for Bubblews, yet they seem to have closed their doors. MyLot, another writing platform - seems to be fairing very well.

Locally in Cambodia, I am a member of InterNations, a community of expatriates gathering together for networking and laughts. Monthly meetings allow us to meet & greet at some of the best eateries in Phnom Penh

Well Bloggity Blog!

I have been featured in a few Blogs. For example, Daily Style Entertainment posted a feature article about my Tarot Services. Another fun article was on "Everyday is a Holiday" Blog on the Color Holiday. There's a brief mention at the end of her post about my phone service listing on Keen. Probably the best blog post about my Tarot Services so far has been by Rainbow Chaser. Although, a close second would be the dynamic blog by Mandy. She mentions me at the end of a post, which was real sweet of her to do. Thanks Mandy!

I can only walk beside you and befriend you.

Take some time for yourself now, call me and clear those darkspots from your horizon. Face your challenges with renewed vigor and experience accomplishing your Life's Goals. Verified Call service is $0.99 per minute with a 5 minute minimum.
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