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November 20, 2016

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Mercury Retrograde Dec 19- Jan 8, 2017
A time for reflection, clearing the throat chakra, evaluating the impact of our words as they shape our reality. How to handle this retrograde?

Goodbye Cambodia
It has been an interesting and adrenaline pumping experience- but I need stable infrstructure - Hello my Thai home!

Where's the Photos for Proof?
November 7, 2016 - Lack of photos among most Pagan Families & Celebrations - why?

Just this ONCE! Rare Psychic New Moon Readings by Sunny
We've just come out of a Mercury retrograde during an Equinox - It's going to be a bumpy ride for us all & Sunny will be available for this rare opportunity for a Psychic New Moon Reading.

Riding the Cosmic Jester's Universally Rippling waves

September 22, 2016. It has been a while since I've updated this blog space - have been chilling with the Cosmic Jester & looking forward to Loki's Yultide Appearance

Heart Chakra & Healing Sounds
June 18, 2016 Building a Shield for your Heart Chakra as guided by Dr Jane Ma'ati Smith with Solfeggio frequencies.

Pagan Pride Day, Las Vegas Oct 2016
June 18, 2016. Upcoming events and possibilities & opportunities

Mr Rock & Roll Tuk Tuk
June 16, 2016. A fantastic way to party down Pub Street - on the back of a tuk tuk out fitted with disco lights and karaoke!

Mermaid Play
June 14, 2016. The important of play in the pursuit of happiness & well being

Origins of the Paper Tarot Deck
Jan. 31, 2016. Some thoughts and insights on the origin of paper tarot decks.

Subconcious Blindspots & Tarot as a Side Mirror
Feb. 1, 2016. Thoughts on the affects of the subconcious on relationships and career opportunities.

Verified Call vs Keen Phone Connection Services
Feb. 4 2016. A comparasion of two popular phone connection services used by professional consulatants.

Creating Mindful Happiness in Your Life
May 13, 2016. The concept of Do It Yourself Happiness. Creating the habits of choice that allow us to create & accept happiness in our lives.

Mindful Meditations & Life's Challenges
May 15, 2016. Balancing tranquility in meditation vs focus for intent/challenge. Meditation isn't a competition to 'win'. It's a state of mind to cultivate.

Sudden Storms Fell Sacred Trees at Angkor Wat Complex

May 16, 2016. News from Apsara Authority on the Storm damage at Angkor Archeological Park, reflections on sacredness of trees and their symbolic importance to man & community

Love is a Battlefield - Make Your Partner Your Ally, not Adversary
May 18, 2016. Love isn't supposed to be easy, controling your reactions to love is the key.

Mindful Connection to the Divine
May 21, 2016. How to maintin the connection of grace to the divine when you live in a mundane world? Ask Alison Leigh Lilly, she provides an excellent example of doing just that.

Take A Deep Breath - Feel Better!
May 25, 2016. Universal Breath as a concept - and who to talk to about improving your breath. Post featuring Louise Davey of Bodhi Tree.

Google #LocalGuides Photo Tour June 18, 2016
June 4, 2016. More information for photographers - free to join, 4pm-6pm. Dinner at 6 is at your discrection.

Words - Dialects and the Emotional Energies we use to Manifest
June 4, 2016. After reading a touching story written in Appalachian Dialect, I realized something about the power of words.

Inspirational Thoughts via Digital Art
June 6, 2016. A collection of 40 digital art pieces. Combining literary messages with visual messages, a deeper understanding of both messages can be reached upon reflection.

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