Tarot Blog: Subconsious Blindspots

Subconscious Blindspots & Tarot as a Side Mirror

May 12, 2016

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Funny Side of Blindspots & it's impact on friendships, relationships & job advancement

Blindspots are diversions our subconscious mind creates, designed to keep us "safe." Our Subconscious tries to protect us from 'uncomfortable' situations and will actually prevent us from seeing opportunities where there are plenty. If you feel there are no options for you right now, you are standing in your blindspot. Growth is difficult for your subconscious, because now it must re-program your entire brain! If growth were internally driven, our subconscious would be more receptive to reprograming as our environment or knowledge changes. Yet that is not the case. Growth is often uncomfortable, emotionally and mentally painful.

We only know what's "comfortable," "good enough for right now," or even "the best you can hope for." We take the safe road because we are programmed to not see opportunities and options.

We're programmed instead to block out the opportunities. This 'anti-growth' hard wiring of the subconscious is the result of that individual being in a negative state long enough to imprint their personalities toward mediocre contentment. The only way to change our programming is to 1st – see where the blind spot is, and 2nd clean out dangerous misconceptions and self defeating behaviors. Growth opportunities will arise naturally when these steps are taken for self healing. Tarot is an excellent tool for uncovering our
Aside from the historical bases for Tarot as a worthy divination tool, Carl Jung spent some time examining Tarot professionally, exploring it's options as a tool for counseling patients. What he discovered, although among hermetic practictioners of Tarot was common knowledge, was that the 78 cards represented 78 different facets of consciousness. Additinally, Jung documented, that embedded within the images of the cards themselves, were the 12 archetypes of man, present in the psyche of all peoples. (ie Mother, father, …). Tarot can be used for more than a single situation or event in your life. Skillful use of the cards during an in depth reading can uncover those blind spots preventing the manifestations of your own blessings.

Discovering the blind spot is only the first embarrassing/awkward step toward recreating your lifestyle to manifest and accept blessings, create love and be a harmonious part of a loving community. The next step will be to reprogram your subconscious, from the outside in. This means to change the core of your being, you have to change your daily habits – consistantly – until you realize, those habits have become ingrained, then and only then, will positive growth happen. There is no magic wand – only by serious effort on your part to take accountablitiy and be proactive will you overcome your blindspots and free yourself to embrace the lifestyle you crave.

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